Наши Марки


It is our brand of dried nuts & dried fruit produced for sales points such as kiosks and markets. These are our practical and enjoyable daily snack products in pillow type packages. Small packages are in grams ranging from 40/60 gr and large packages from 100-200 gr.


Turkey grows apricots, figs, grapes, many fruits such as mulberries, with the taste and quality is No. 1 in the world. With our brand born from the words “TR + FRUIT”, these miraculous fruits are collected fresh from the branch, dried in the sun, cleaned and packaged in their natural form. 100% natural fruit Turkey, in weight from 100 g to 1 kg, wood / foam / plastic dish packed in bottle-type package.


It is our organic product brand that we sell in a wide range from dried fruits, nuts, jams to legumes. Our products are under the control of the accredited organic certification institution at every stage from the field to the point of sale. American NOP (USDA), the European EC ORGANIC (EOS) and Turkey we have TR ORGANIC production certificate.


PROPATIS = PROfessional PATTISseria. Our professional pastry products are our brand of bulk dried fruit and nuts, which are prepared in special forms to meet the needs of places such as patisseries, hotels, restaurants, cafes. It is prepared as bulk in PE bags in weights ranging from 1 kg to 5 Kg, and it is packaged with or without vacuum.