MAGRO производит широкий ассортимент органических и традиционных продуктов, таких как натуральные сухофрукты, орехи, кондитерские ингредиенты и закуски. Наш офис по маркетингу и продажам и наш торговый магазин находятся в Istanbul, а наше производство находится в Malatya. Наша фабрика имеет 11 000 м² закрытой и 26 000 м² открытой площади. Для наших производственных мощностей; У нас есть системы управления качеством ISO, сертификаты HACCP, NOP ORGANIC, EOS ORGANIC, TR ORGANIC, Kosher и Halal.



Our packaged dried nuts&fruits in small (40-60 gr) and big (100-200 gr) packages, are targeting supermarkets and mini markets. It is a practical and healthy daily snack product in pillow type packages.

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Fruits which are grown in Turkey, such as apricots, figs, grapes,and mulberries and a huge variety of others are number 1 rank top in the world with their taste and quality. TR + FRUIT is a brandmark for the marvelous fruits which are freshly harvested from the branches, sun dried, cleaned and packed in their natural state. 100% natural, 100% fruits of Turkey, in weight from 100 g to 1 kg, packed in the wooden, foam and plastic plates or in bottle type packages.

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FLAVOFARM is our brandmark (produces) for a wide range of organic products from dried fruits to nuts & pulses to jams.
Our products are Organic products line is produced 100% organically. All production process (from the farm to the sale point) is under the control of Ecocert IMO institution. We have such certificates as American NOP (USDA), the European EC ORGANIC (EOS) and TR Organic production certification (Turkey).

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PROFESSIONAL PATISSERIE PROPATIS = PROfessional PATISserie. Propatis Magro produces professional products for bakeries, restaurants, cafes and hotels. 1 kg – 5 Kg bulk dried fruits and nuts are sorted into vacuum or non-vacuum packages and packed in the parcels or sacks. According to the customer’s request, we can slice nuts and have special cut for the fruits.

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