Benefits of Dried Cherry

Benefits of Dried Cherry

There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in cherries just like other dried fruits.

It contains vitamins A-B1-B2-B5-C.

If the cherry, which contains the hormone melatonin, which provides the body’s sleep balance, is eaten one or two hours before going to sleep, it facilitates the transition to sleep.

Dry cherry improves sleep quality.

Anti-Inflammatory, as scientific research shows that the “anthocyanin” found in cherries suppresses some of the inflammatory enzymes (cyclooxygenase-1 and 2). reveals the feature.

With this feature, cherry is among the fruits recommended for relieving pain caused by gouty arthritis, fibromyalgia (painful muscle disease) and chronic sports injuries.

There is even an assertive statement of the “California Cherry Advisory Board” about the effect of cherries on pain: “Eating 20 cherries is 10 times more effective than taking 1 aspirin”.

Gout Disease: According to a study by Boston University School of Medicine, cherry reduces attacks of joint pain associated with gout by 35% to 75%.

Vitamins and minerals found in cherries are abundant like other dried fruits.

Other Benefits of Cherry Reduces the risk of Diabetes.

It protects the skin and delays the signs of aging.

Provides protection against cancer with its antioxidant effect.Protects cardiovascular health

It reduces the risk of neurological diseases.

It strengthens the immune system.

It lightens the burden on your liver.

It has a cholesterol lowering effect.

It helps to eliminate nicotine from the body.

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